Physical Web Candy Machine


We wanted to play around with the new Eddystone beacons that broadcast URL’s that can be picked up with iOS and Chrome. So, we figured the best way was to also treat ourselves to a little candy machine!

We bought this off-the-shelf, than ripped out all the electronics and built our own with some proto board, a Particle Core (easily could have been a Photon too), some diodes/headers/transistors/wires and an off-the-shelf power supply. We then used bluz to beacon out the URL for a website that controls the candy flow, and voila! A physical web controlled candy machine

See all the details here:


Cool job. How easy was it to integrate Eddystone? Just a library?


We will build this stuff into bluz, but really, it is just a different format for the advertising packet. So iBeacon uses one format and Eddystone just uses another. With the Nordic SDK, you can just specify the exact bytes in the advertisement, so we just write little functions to create the right formats.

We will build this into bluz so you can just call things like:
Beacon.advertiseEddystoneURL(“some website”)
- or -
Beacon.advertiseiBeacon(“uuid”, “major”, “minor”)

etc. and make it really easy to do