Platform IO compile


I’ve recently bought 2 BluzDk boards in preparation for a small DIY project. I intend to build a small “button box”. I’m going to use a few i2c expanders (MCP23017) and I want to have the bluzdk talk to my phone or laptop directly. I would like it if I don’t have to use the cloud IDE, I don’t need any of the out of the box cloud connections… I just want to write my own small firmware using the arduino framework and other libraries and push it to the board using UART. My phone has Bluetooth LE and I’ve started reading the Direct Bluetooth connection from App(No Particle Cloud) but I’ve got 2 questions:

  1. I’ve been using Platform IO (visual studio code) for other DIY projects (using teensy’s) however when setting up BluzDk. I’ve noticed the hardware definitions seem off (32MHz Frequency). I’m not sure if the project template is usable or if there are other things I need to do to successfully upload the firmware to the device.

  2. And because the project template seems off, are there any specific bluz hardware setups that I need to keep in mind when using the arduino framwork? It seems that not all of the pins are wired correctly but the I2C setup looks ok…

Thank you :slight_smile:

With bluz, you can certainly compile firmware directly without the Web IDE. Our firmware repo is always open to anyone to modify. However, it is generally easier to use the Web IDE, and you could even download the compiled code and load it to the board over UART if you’d like. Instructions to do that are here:

As for Platform IO, that is a third party designed solution that we have no part in maintaining or developing. I have not personally tried using it with bluz so I am not sure how up-to-date it is or how well it works. Our pin-out diagram is here: You could use that to fix any discrepancies in their library and contribute them back to the author if you’d like.