Possible to be iBeacon and connected to Gateway at same time?



We have a use case where we want a Bluz to both be connected online through a gateway, and also be configured to advertise as an iBeacon. Is this possible?

Perhaps a single byte of the iBeacon data could be used to tell a gateway whether or not it is online, so that a Gateway would know when it is safe to connect?


Yes, this is possible, though it isn’t currently supported in the user firmware. The Nordic stack does allow a way to do this, though, so we could add support for it. We have most of the pieces in place, so I don’t think it would be too difficult to get it working, I am opening a ticket to track: https://github.com/bluzDK/bluzDK-firmware/issues/44


Awesome! Is this something that could go into a minor update?


When do you need this by?


It would be nice to be able to try it within the next few weeks!