Possible to connect Redbear Duo with Bluz Gateway?


Hello :blush:

May I know if there is any possibility to use Redbear Duo as Bluz Dk?
i.e. I would like to use BLE part of Redbear Duo in place of Bluz DK.
Is there any chance that I can connect BLE part of Redbear Duo to Bluz Gateway for cloud connection?

Thanks in advance.


Sounds like you’re asking if the Duo can use BLE for it’s cloud connection, but that really is a question for RedBear. Their firmware stack would have to allow connection to the cloud in the same manner as bluz.

From our perspective, it would work fine, but I imagine there would be a lot if work on their side to make it act as a DK. Their forums would be a better place to ask your question.


Thanks Eric. I wanted to make sure whether it is possible first. :grin:


can you link to the thread if you post over there? I’m curious as well!


Posted question yesterday on Redbear forum.
No reply yet. :slight_smile: