Power to Gateway


I need to power the Gateway using two wires.

Where is the best places/pins?

Thanks in advance for the help.


If you can solder wires to it, there are the 4 programming pads on the bottom of this PCB. There is one for VCC and one for GND, they are labeled, and are probably the easiest to get to.


Thank you @eric.

I flipped the PCB but not sure which pads you are referring to? The pads I see are opposite all the Photon pins and TX, RX, D2-D7.


Sorry, do you mean the gateway shield? I thought you were referring to the gateway.

The gateway shield can be powered through the normal 3V3 pin and GND pin for the Photon. So you can solder two wires to those and power it through some external source.


Thanks @eric.

Can I use 5V into Vin of the Photon to power the Gateway Shield?


@jimmie, you can apply 5V to the Photon 5V pin and GND. You can solder wires to the through holes on the board at the Photon header. The Photon will convert it to 3.3V and power the rest of the gateway.
The easiest way is to use an old phone charger supply and plug it into the USB port of the the Photon or the shield itself.
Don’t do both! Only one power source at a time.
See schematic at: Gateway design files


Thanks @eric and @Pescatore . It is clear now.