Program Update through Gateway Shield


I have an application where the Bluz units are remote. Three units are connected to a Gateway Shield with a Particle Electron.

As the application is outdoors, it is cumbersome to do manual program upgrades. Is there an easy way to update the Bluz program through the Gateway Shield?

Thanks in advance.


No, this isn’t possible. The devices must have a cloud connection to update firmware. This is mainly a safety issue as the cloud gives many security features (product ownership, encrypted connections, etc) for updating firmware, it wouldn’t be very secure for this to happen over local communication.

What you can do is have a function on the Electron, and when it is called it sends each bluz back into cloud mode by sending some data to them over local communication. Then the bluz boards would connect to the cloud and you can update the firmware. So you can do it without local programming.


Thanks @eric. This is what I have now(based on earlier input from you). I was hoping that it could also be done through the Gateway.

Thanks again.