Revert to previous code


Hey Guys,

Last week had my bluz module flashed and outputting serial data that i could read on my core and display on putty, but i did a git pull and now i cant make anything happen on the uart port. code still compiles ok and appears to flash with stlink

Device still powers up and it shows up on android app and i can connect it to the particle cloud. i tried flashing from the WebIDE, it says started on the dashboard but never finishes…

so is there a way with git to revert to firmware i was using a week ago?


I have been able to use Serial1 without problem with the latest code, but, if you want to revert to a past commit in the repository you can do the following:

  1. Copy the hash of the commit you want to go back to:
  2. In the repository do a git reset --hard <hash>.
  3. git log and make sure the HEAD of your repository is where you want it to be (the commit associated with the hash is the newest commit).