Scan for Bluetooth signals using Gateway Shield


Hello Bluz neighborhood,

I am new to Bluz and have been reading some of the forms and my questions seems like it should be possible but I can’t find any examples confirming it. What I want to do is use the Gateway Shield and scan for potentially any Bluetooth devices. I’m interested in those devices RSSI values. I am curious if the Gateway Shield would be a good way to track and see other Bluetooth devices and try to use RSSI values to determine those other devices proximity to the Gateway Shield. Would it also be possible to identify other bluetooth devices through the Gateway Sheild or can it only identify Bluz devices? Is this possible or am I barking up the wrong tree?




This can certainly be possible, but there is currently no way to program the gateway shield from the Particle IDE or to generically scan. It would require lower level changes to the system firmware using the Nordic SDK.

Honestly, I would recommend something like a Raspberry Pi or even the RedBear Duo, it would be able to get you started quicker.


Thank you Eric I’ll look at the RedBear Duo. I like the idea of for device management and was hoping to stick in that world if I can.


FYI - You can control a Raspberry Pi through the Particle ecosystem now as well: