Second Serial Port



I have a serial TTL sensor that needs to be connected to my DK. Are there more than one serial port available on the DK?

I am currently using the DK’s Serial1 with an FTDI breakout board to monitor the output so I need another serial port.

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately no, the nrf51822 has only one UART instance.


Thanks @eric.

Will the Bluz DK work with the ParticleSoftSerial library?


It may, you could try it to find out for sure, I’m not too familiar with that library.


OK sure, I will and update as soon as I solve the unrelated compile error due to the SparkInterval library. .


Hi @eric,

The ParticleSoftSerial library refuses to compile with the Bluz. It is Photon specific. I think it is a useful library for debugging so I will contact the author.