Send pulse from one DK to another - distance 30 feet



I need to send a pulse from one Bluz DK to another. The second DK is about 30 feet away.

Will this work or will the voltage drop prevent this from working? What is the best way of doing this?

Thanks in advance.


By pulse, what do you mean exactly? The radios on bluz are in BLE peripheral mode, so they can’t easily talk directly to one another. They can talk to eachother through a gateway, any other way would require a lot of extra work.

Did you want to send a pulse through some other means? Is this just a simple on/off signal? Something like IR could work, but 30ft may be a bit of a stretch. Some kind of optical signal may work depending on the environment. But that distance may be long enough to require some other RF signal.

Let me know, can try and help you figure that one out


Thanks @eric.

I just want to simply set a pin to high by one Bluz and connect that pin to another Bluz that is 30 feet away. I thought of using a TTL to RS232 or RS485 converter at both ends similar to this below but do not know if there is a better way …