Shipping Informations


Hi! Finally I’m going to buy a Bluz from Italy, I’d like to have some informations about the shipping: cost, taxes, customs duties and I’d like to know if I can track the pack.
Thank you very much :smiley:


We do indeed ship internationally, you can vier our online store for prices to your country:

Custom duties would be based on the rates in your country, they would get charged when the package goes through customs. We ship through the US Postal Service, so the package will transfer over to your local postal service when it reaches your country. It can be tracked though it isn’t perfect. It can take up to 2 weeks to arrive.

We have been investigating a better international carrier, so things may improve in the future. However, this likely wouldn’t happen until 2017.


Thank you. Unfortunately Italian Postal Service is really bad, so it could take longer than expected. I think I’ll make you know the exact delays, so in the future if any Italian would ask for shipping time, you’ll be able to warn them about any problem :slight_smile:.

Just a last question: are there Black Friday’s sales?


You’re spoiling my fun! Yes, we will have some Black Friday sales, expect to see some news on the next week.

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Didn’t want to :grin:

That’s great! I just subscribed!


I have a new question: are headers included with Bluz DK?


Yes, bluz ship with headers soldered on