Solid magenta when flashing a factory reset bluz?


Hi again,

I’ve had some problems flashing my bluz dk devices after experimenting with local communication. I’ve been using the Local Communication sample code and setting D6 to HIGH to put it into automatic mode, but the particle cloud ide fails to flash.

I then tried factory resetting both of my bluz modules, but now I’m stuck with two devices who are slow-blinking magenta and, while they’re both able to connect to the cloud, I cannot flash either device now. it goes solid magenta for about 10 minutes, then just resets.


Are you connected through the bluz app? Or a hardware gateway?

After a factory reset, the system firmware need to be update if you try jumping versions. We recommend this should be done using the app and not the hardware gateway for bandwidth reasons.


I’m connecting through the iOS app. When I connect, it doesn’t prompt me to update or anything. i’m flashing 1.1.47 and 1.1.47 is the version on device.


This seems to happen from time-to-time, I am not sure if it is something on the cloud side or the firmware side.

Does it happen to work if you try again today?


hmm, no good. still experiencing the issue.


Is it working at all? If you can, upgrade to 2.1.50, there are some stability enhancements that should mitigate this issue.

It is still something I am investigating as I rarely see it too. I don’t fully know where the issue lies, however, and it is extremely intermittent and so it is hard to debug

Also, factory reset isn’t generally needed to solve problems. If the board boots and runs, a factory reset probably isn’t necessary. It is meant to recover the board in case the user app completely stops the system from functioning properly.