[solved]After a factory reset and upgrade to 2.1.50 Bluz DK will blink green and never comes online


Hi, I successfully upgraded 1 Bluz DK to 2.1.50 and also my hardware GW is updated. My 2 other Bluz DK’s don’t come back online after the update.
When I do a factory reset they come back to 1.0.47 as firmware.
I can update through Particel Build to 2.1.50. After the update it blinks Yellow, I can then flash my program and afterwards Bluz never comes online again, it keeps on blinking green.

What is wrong ?


What is the code you flashed to the device? Usually this happens when the user app hangs, causing system events to no longer be processed.

Also, are you using a gateway to connect them to the cloud? Or an app?


Hi Eric,

I’ll try with some simple code, a Blink or something.
I’m using the Gateway shield.


Thanks Eric, With something as simple as “blink” it works again, I’m sorry the trouble.
Happy that they work again :slight_smile


Great, glad it is working!

One other thing to remember, if you change the advertising name with the new function in 2.1.50, then the gateway won’t automatically connect. You will need to set that on the gateway side as well as the gateway connects based on name.

And if you are tired of factory resetting and upgrading, you can try out the new bootloader which allows you to force Safe Mode and avoid needing to re-update system firmware: Beta Bootloader Testers Wanted