[SOLVED] bluz DK not reconnecting to gateway shield automatically


I had an issue where my bluz DK would not reconnect to the gateway shield (with a photon) automatically.

This is what I observed:

  • my bluz DK was claimed and in safe mode, running firmware 1.1.47, connected to the only GW shield I have nearby
  • I flash a program into the DK
  • flash succeeds
  • code runs happily
  • I disconnect power to the DK => then it never reconnects to the GW shield, ever again.
  • I tried reset on GW, power off on GW, updated GW shield to latest version, reset and power off on DK.
  • only way out I found was to do a factory reset, then flash my firmware again.
    Again, if the bluz DK would lose power it would never reconnect to the GW shield.

So I have updated my bluz DK to latest firmware 2.0.50-beta-2-pre-release and this issue is fixed for me.

I’m writing this in case it helps any of you in the future.