[SOLVED] Can not flash code and have IOS phone as a gateway


I am using my IOS phone as a gateway to the Bluz DK. The device is registered on my particle account and I can see it. I tried to flash a simple code of Particle publish using the web IDE. I can flash the code but immediately after that, the device gets offline and loses connection to my phone. Why would that happen? Can’t I use my phone as a gateway and flash code through web IDE and have it running?



This sounds like the normal process. When code is flashed to bluz, the device needs to reboot so the code can be copied over to the application space. This will cause it to disconnect from your iPhone.

Our iOS app doesn’t automatically reconnect, but there is an option to allow it to do so. You need to go to the iOS Settings menu and then scroll down to the list of apps and look for the bluz app. Click on that and you will see a menu of options you can enable, including the ability to automatically reconnect to bluz devices. This would then reconnect bluz automatically after you flash code.

Let me know if that answers your questions.


That helps. Thank you!