[SOLVED]Factory Reset Bluz DK



I followed the steps under Performing a factory reset but when I release the BTN after the DK starts blinking white, it goes into safe mode where it starts blinking yellow (at first the flashes are fast and then they becomes slow).

  1. Is that expected behavior??

  2. To my understanding, the DK should go back to using the bootloader it came with. So I wouldn’t need to upload the bootloader after factory reset. Is that correct??

  3. The DK is stuck in safe mode!!! How do I make it connect to the GW shield/ cloud and upload new firmware??

Thank you.


Never mind. Flashing a blank code onto the DK fixed it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, it sounds like that was all expected behavior. We slightly changed the default behavior of the Photon when it comes to safe mode, bluz blinks yellow when in that mode instead of magenta. The reason was when upgrading firmware, it also enters safe mode and it was harder to tell what mode it was in (connected or flashing code) when the device came back online.

When in safe mode, flashing a new app with the proper firmware version should bring you right out of the mode.