[SOLVED] Including additional libraries to Bluz DK Code


Quick question - can I include other libraries like the SHT1x in the code for Bluz DK?? When I add the SHT1x library, I get a “No such file or directory” error.

Can someone please help me?

Raw Error:

Thank you!


When I follow the tutorial and use the gateway example, I get this:

@eric ???


Also, I tried this already. Doesn’t work (same error)


What device are you building to? And what firmware version are you using?

  1. The first post was being built on the Bluz DK. Firmware version 2.2.50
  2. The second post is just using the gateway.cpp example with the gateway library included (picture included in previous post) - directly taken from the library (“Use this example”).

Both of them give a the same error for the respective headers.


Are you able to include libraries from the IDE into regular Photon sketches? There should be no problems with either of these methods, I am not sure why they be failing

When you tried to include the Gateway Library into your Photon sketch, did you click the use this example button? That would give you the latest code to run on the photon


Yes and Yes to both your questions. I am able to include libraries in my normal Electron sketch. But with the gateway, it fails.


Solved! Updating the firware version on the Electron fixed the Error 500 I was getting! :slight_smile: