[Solved] Just got my Bluz DK, the iOS app won't connect


Title says it all. I power it up, scan, it appears in the list and says 0 services. No buttons to connect or claim the device.


What iDevice are you using and what is the version of iOS? Can you post a screenshot of the app in this state?

Is bluz slowly blinking green on the RGB LED? Or is there any other activity?


It’s a 6S running 9.2.1. As far as I know it’s the latest Bluz app.
I don’t see the pretty icons either, I just get a generic BT symbol on the left for everything seen in the scan. There are no buttons at all on the right hand side, just the text 0 services.

The Bluz seems to pulse the green led every 2 seconds as it’s meant to.


Can you try killing the app (double-tap Home and swipe up on the app) and then got to your phones Settings, turn Bluetooth off then back on. Try launching the app again.


@Pyrofer, also, did you log in using your Particle account?


Restarted my phone, turned BT off and on, hard closed the app and power cycled the BluzDK.
It finally appeared!!!

No idea what was up but it’s working now. I got to connect, then after a (seemingly eternal) wait I got a claim button which I clicked. Now on to trying to do something with it :slight_smile: