[Solved] Local Communication Example Code Error with Photon


Hi @eric

I’ve moved from using a Core due to various issues when working with the Gateway.

I’m now using a Photon with firmware 0.5.2.

I’m trying to flash the gateway user app code to the Photon (a simplified version of this http://docs.bluz.io/tutorials/local_communication/)

But it complains that
:gateway.cpp:16:13: error: ‘class bluz_gateway’ has no member named ‘register_data_callback’

See here:

If I leave out this line, then it complies but it does not work:

What am I doing wrong?


Which version of the library do you have loaded? If you click on the BLUZ_GATEWAY line under Included Libraries, it will tell you (just don’t click the little X!). The version should be 1.5

Also, do you have the star selected next to the Photon? It’s a little our of view in the screenshot so I can’t verify which device you are compiling against.


Works now, for some reason the Gateway library I found and included was an old version. Thanks.