[Solved] Local Communication Setup Issue


A TroubleShooting Topic as with Particle Community would be a useful addition to the bluz neighborhood!

I have followed the ‘Local Communication’ - Bluz Docs setup and appear to have everything working - LEDs blinking white, gateway Photon cloud connected, etc. yet no events coming out of the gateway other than one I added to check setup was done! Could you please help me get this working? I have seen a post [Solved] dated Oct 2016 - so I assume you have now corrected the gateway software in the docs.

Just to confirm; no Bluz Custon Data nor Bluz Devices Online seen - I have successfully flashed the gateway software to the photon twice!


Hmmm, have you updated the bluz gateway portion of the code? You can check by going here: http://console.bluz.io/. It will display an Update button if your gateway needs new firmware.

Also, which version of the bluz-gateway library are you flashing to the Photon from the Web IDE?


@eric Thank you for that advice - upgrade worked and I am getting the XOO and Hi every 30 seconds.