[SOLVED] Servo library not working


I started doing testing on firmware I originally created for my old Particle Core that I ported over to the Bluz DK. I couldn’t get the code working, so I loaded up a small servo calibration app that I made that works on the Core and Photon. The apps are using the servo library for servo control and neither ever get the servo to move at all. Should this be working?


Not at the moment. This is top of the feature list and will be out soon.

We are preparing a few rapid-fire releases over the next few weeks/months that will address many of the open items. Servo is a big one, as well as Blynk and Beacon support. So stay tuned, it should be available soon!


Are there any alternatives at the moment for this? How was your original demo working with the servo?


At the moment, not really. It may be possible to use PWM to hack it, which is what we initially did on our project since the firmware was far from complete at the time, but that could be tricky.

I will try and fast track this feature and have it available as soon as possible (a few days hopefully). I know there are others asking for it and we definitely need to get it in there.


That would be wonderful. I’m VERY eager to port this project to Bluz.


Eric, any hope in this library becoming available this week? :slight_smile:


I certainly think it can be done this week, however I learned a bit of bad news for deploying it. We recently switched over to a new way of deploying our code to the Web IDE, and the engineer at Particle who can release for us is on vacation this week. So we could potentially get it done, but I couldn’t release it until next week.

However, you could use local development to complete it, if you wanted. Is that something you are comfortable doing? Or would you wait for the Web IDE?


I haven’t quiet setup my configuration for direct deployment to Bluz. I also have to get an adapter still. I’m fine with waiting for the Web IDE. As soon as it is in there I can test it same day.


@eric Hoping to see this library this week! :slight_smile:


I’m also eager to see servo support. I’ve got a project built and mostly tested, assuming the servo code is correct.


@mnetwork and @nicks1863: Sorry for the ridiculous delays, I had been working on this but kept getting sidetracked. Also, I had left myself a nice stupid bug from when I implemented PWM that made this take five times longer than it should have.

Anyway, I did complete the servo library and checked it in. If you want to compile locally and try it out, that would be great so we can verify it works for you before I do a formal new release. If not, no big deal, I will get a new beta release out this week with the change.

If anyone else wants to compile locally and try it, that would be fantastic as well. Would be nice to get a few eyes on this before I cut a new beta release so we can finally push the GA out the door shortly after.

Thanks all!


Sounds great Eric! One issue though: I don’t know how to “compile locally”. If you can walk me through that, I’d be happy to test it out!


I’ll hold out for the beta myself. Looking forward to testing this!


I made the release, we will push this up to the Particle staging system first, and then out to the production IDE if we don’t find any issues.

Should hopefully be live in the next 2-3 days.


Just checked, only saw the beta from two weeks ago. Any update?


Sorry again for the deay, we had some issues getting this up into the IDE last week. The build is currently on the staging system and, if all goes according to plan, should be available early this week. I will post an update tomorrow.


@mnetwork and @nicks1863 : Ok, we just pushed beta.4 up to the Production IDE, and this includes support for the servo library. Please let me know if you have any issues or questions with it.

This build also fixes the issues surrounding pins D0 and D1, so there shouldn’t be any need for the Wire.end() function in setup() anymore.


Moment of panic before I realized blinking magenta was firmware, not safe mode. But so far so good! The servo is making tiny noises when not in use, but this is also my first servo project so I’m not sure if that’s an issue
Hackster.io is acting up right now, but I’ve got most of the project written up, so look out for that in the coming days!


Viola! My hackster.io post


That’s awesome! I may have to make one of these for myself :smile: