[SOLVED] Unable to Flash Bluz DK as per Local Communication example



I’ve just setup my DK and Gateway Shield to work together. They pair and the LEDs blink as required.

I’m following the example here to get my DK to talk to the Gateway which then Publishes to the Particle Cloud:

I’ve Flashed the Gateway code without any problem.

But as I try to Flash the DK with the code mentioned in that example, I’m getting this error:

Flash Unsuccessful:
bluz_dk_local_v1.cpp:16:13: error: ‘class BLEClass’ has no member named ‘sendData’
_ void loop() {_

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance.


Ah, yes, this requires v1.1.47. Click on the devices tab and then choose 1.1.47 underneath the device you are flashing to.

This also needs better documentation, we are going to roll out some big changes with the next release and we will start annotating which functions require which versions. Sorry for the confusion!


Thanks. That worked.