SPI Flash with Module


If I have a custom PCB for a Bluz nrF51, is the expectation that it would boot correctly right away? Or would I need to flash anything with a JTAG programmer? The SPI Flash would be empty right off the assembly line, how does it get the factory firmware?


You would need to program the board with an external programmer, like a JLink or STLinkv2.

We have instructions on this, if you can send me your Github username I can get you access.


Thanks, my github name is peternoyes.

I purchased the Bluz modules from the Bluz store. Would you expect that before following the instructions nothing would show on the LED?


Yes, the modules from our store are not ready to be used and are expected to be programmed.

I added you to a GitHub repository that has instructions for programming. You can accept the invite and then access it here: https://github.com/bluzDK/bluz-beta/tree/master/programmer_release