System.on(reset, ...);



System events seems to be very handy. (system events)

For example to use a setup button inside a user app.

@eric will you implement them in the firmware ?




I would have to look, but they may actually already work in the develop branch. The Particle docs say these were introduced in 0.4.9, the develop branch is currently based on 0.5.0, so it is possible they simple work.

If not, I will take a look and see, but it shouldn’t be difficult to implement if they don’t work already


Hi Eric,

It might be me but with the last version of bluz firmware it does not seems to work.

My ino file won’t compile in sketch with the button clicked nor the reset one.



Are you local compiling? Which button? Sorry, I am a little confused as to the issue.


I am sorry that I am bot clear

What I am trying to do is something like that

void handle_click(system_event_t event, int param)
    //Serial.println("got click");

void setup() {
   pinMode(LED, OUTPUT);
   System.on(button_click, handle_click);


Ah, is that on the Web IDE? It definitely wouldn’t work there, the latest released version of code is 1.1.47, meaning it was based on Particle 0.4.7. Particle didn’t add this until 0.4.9.

You would need to local compile to try, but I have added a tracker for this so we should at least figure out how viable it would be for the next release:


Yes it was on the web IDE.

Thank you very much !