Talk Bluetooth to Bluz DK


I am trying to send a string to Bluz DK from my mac, is there an app that allows that?
Also, how would a simple script on bluz look like which just prints the recieved data to the Serial1 port?



There currently is not a way to do this, though it could be done with a relatively minimal amount of work. The iOS app was written in Swift with the Core Bluetooth library, which runs the same on Mac I believe, so the code would be reusable. You would have to add a UI for the user to enter data and then use the code from our app to send it.

Alternatively, you could extend the cross-platform gateway that was written in node to do this. That may work with Mac as-is today and then you could make a really simple website serverd locally to enter data which would be sent.

I would say either of these deserve a bounty if you were to complete them! Say a full Starter Kit?