Unable to connect to cloud gateway after firmware 1.1.0

Hallo, hope someone can help me with my gateway. I admit I did not use it for a while and when i tried again it was blinking blue. I decided to do a firmware update and flashed it with the cli:

p1-system-part1@1.1.0.bin and p1-system-part2@1.1.0.bin. Than I used the particle setup and did the wifi setup. But now the device is blinking cyan fast and can not connect to the cloud. Any idea?

Maybe another firmware?

Sorry for the delay, is this still an issue? What Particle firmware are you using on the P1?

The P1 is essentially a Photon. Until it connects to the cloud it is not running any specific bluz code. There are troubleshooting steps as part of the Particle documentation to handle getting it connected.

Sounds like it did work at one point and then stopped working?