Unable to Copy iOS App to iPhone



I was happy to see that the iOS source code was out.
I went ahead and downloaded it, but am having some issues building and running it in Xcode.

I notice that the project references a libPods.a file, but it’s missing.
I added the Pods Xcode project, which seemed to take care of some of the errors, but now it seems to build ok, but fails when trying to copy the application over to the phone.

“App Installation Failed
Could not write to the device”

I’m not sure if it might be related to the missing libPods.a file.
Anyone else experience or have ideas what might be causing?
I have successfully installed other apps via Xcode today, so I don’t think its the phone.
Xcode 7.3
iPhone 6, iOS 9.2.1,
bluz iOS app 1.1.0

Thanks in advance!


I haven’t seen this error. Everything should be in the repository, when you opened the project did you open the .xcworkspace file instead of the .xcodeproj file? You would need to open the xcworkspace once you use pods