Unboxing comments

  • Using the beta Android App

    • App should filter to list only Bluz devices
    • App should cached a list of existing connected devices instead of polling on every app launch
  • Device entered Solid green mode after trying to place it in Safe mode

    • performed a factory reset allowed the device to restore but Slow blinking Magenta
    • managed to connect and device is in Safe mode as expected
    • Hitting the reset button still boots up in Safe mode (bug)?
      • Seems like the only way to get it out of Safe mode is to flash a user app

Other comments:

  • Hard to differentiate between connected to :cloud: via Safe mode VS OTA-ing

both looks the same so it’s hard to tell whether OTA is happening in Safe Mode. As a user more familiar with the platform, i know how to check if OTA is happening. But not for new users :slightly_smiling:

  • Is it designed to run in Safe mode after a factory reset? Is the stock tinker loaded as user firmware?

Great work Bluz team :smiley:


Thanks for the notes!

I agree the safe mode/OTA updates is a little confusing as they use the same color. I was trying to conform to how Particle did it to keep consistency, but I may change some of that in the future (safe mode becomes yellow?).

The factory reset to safe mode is actually by design. To be perfectly honest, we didn’t have a lot of flash space left to store the Tinker app, so it was omitted and a factory reset gets you back to Safe Mode.

You said you got it to Solid Green when trying to place it in Safe Mode. How were you doing that? Is it repeatable? Solid green normally is bad.


Let me try it out again later to see if it is repeatable :slight_smile: