Updating Bluz Firmware via Android Gateway



I know that this should be simple, but I feel like I’m missing something.

Anytime I flash my app using the build.particle.io/build, using any “System firmware target” other than 1.0.47, it doesn’t work. The flash starts (flashing magenta), then the device goes offline then continues to flash magenta. From there I have trouble getting anything to work so I do a factory reset to regain control.

Everything works fine when I flash with 1.0.47 as the target.

Base don the firmware updating instructions, I was assuming that the build.particle.io somehow would auto upgrade the firmware. I don’t see anywhere.

Any help would be appreciated.



Yes, it sounds like the cloud is auto-updating the firmware.

When you upgrade from one version to another, the device is in Safe Mode and will blink magenta. Bring the device online and the cloud will update the system firmware, but this can take 1-2 minutes so you need to be patient. The LED will blink magenta this entire time.

It may help to read more about the process here: http://docs.bluz.io/tutorials/updates/

Also, watching the Particle dashboard will help as you can see the events going back and forth informing you when the update is happening. You can login here: https://login.particle.io/console. Click on the Logs button to see the events.

Let me know if you need anything else



I’m currently repeating the procedure and writing down all the steps a take (and the time). I’ll also capture the log.

A quick note about http://docs.bluz.io/tutorials/updates/. It’s not clear what is meant by “Start a firmware update through the Web IDE or CLI, the bluz board will begin to blink Magenta. Each blink equals one 512 byte chunk of firmware downloaded and saved.”

Is it possible to make that more clear? I’m assuming you simply flash a program with the firmware you want as the target. Also, I’m assuming the web IDE is https://build.particle.io/build. Is that correct?



Here are my troubleshooting notes:

10:05:30 - Factory Reset (solid blue for a few seconds than slow magenta)
10:06:30 - Connected using android gateway app (slow flashing magenta)
10:11:30 - Selected flash device using my program. Selected 1.1.47 as the target even though the 1.0.47 is on the device. Went solid magenta for a while. Lit blue for about a second.
10:12:30 - Device disconnected by itself from app. Log states “success” for event name “spark/flash/status” before “device went offline”. At this point slow flashing magenta.
10:15:00 - Selected connect on gateway app. Fast flash magenta then slow flashing magenta a few seconds later.
10:15:03 - Log states “Started” under event name "spark/flash/status"
10:25:00 - Received “failed” message on log. At this point its solid magenta.

From here I can reset the Bluz and the cycle repeats (starting at the 10:15 point).

I’m still thinking that I need to upgrade the firmware before I flash the app. If that’s the case, I think http://docs.bluz.io/tutorials/updates needs to be more clear.



You don’t need to keep resetting the device. It sounds like things are working normally up until the 10:15 point. When you bring the device online, the cloud is attempting to upgrade the system firmware for you. If that fails, power the device off/on and reconnect it through the app. You don’t need to perform another factory reset.


At the 10:25 mark when I received the failed message, I perform a “reset” by pressing the reset button not a factory reset. At that point the cycle repeats.

I’m assuming pressing the reset button is the same as removing the power temporarily. If this isn’t the case, I’ll try cycling the power.

Thanks for your replies.


Sorry, I misunderstood. Yes, you can do a simple reset instead of power cycling. So you are not able to get a successful update from the cloud?

Can you PM me your device ID? I can try and take a look through the logs.

Also, what smartphone are you using? And what is the Android version?


PM sent.

I’m using my Sony Xperia Z tablet. I’ll post the software version number once I can since its not with me.

I’ve tried my nexus 5x with 7.1.1 and the app crashed as soon as a connection is made.