Updating Bluz Firmware via iPhone


I have a couple of Bluz units whose programs needs to be updated. I can get within a foot of them but they are in an enclosure that is hard to reach and in an area with spotty internet coverage. The are running in SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL);

Is there a way I could update their programs via an iPhone or do they need to be in SYSTEM_MODE(AUTOMATIC)?


They need to be connected to the Particle cloud to update the firmware. For future firmware, you probably want to build in a way to switch the devices back to automatic mode. For example, a function on the Photon on the gateway sheild could send a command to all connected devices to switch into automatic mode, then you could update the firmware.

For now, sounds like you will need to get to the devices.


Thank @eric. I will change their code to do just that.

Is there a way if they are connected to the cloud to send the DK units via an iPhone the .bin file?


No there is no way to update firmware locally. This would introduce security risks and isn’t implemented for that reason. Firmware updates are totally secure when performed through the cloud