Use VIN as output


Hi!, can the VIN pin on the BluzDK be used as an output when it is powered via the USB port, like in the Photon? In that case, is the utput voltage the same as in the Photon?. Tnanks


The VIN pin will take the power supply and send it to the LDO for conversion to 3V3. It isn’t an output so much as an available power rail, so you can hook other items to it, just be careful of your current budget.


Hi @eric, thanks … so it does not show the same behaviour as the vin pin from the photon device (i did not see any reference to this issue on the differences between the bluzdk and the photon devices), and in any case the bluzdk won’t be available to provide a voltage close to 4.8V as it is the case of the photon, will it? thanks


Bluz cannot supply 4.8V out, it only runs on 3.3V and so that is all it can output. The Photon can output 5V since the USB side is available on VIN, it goes to the same on-board LDO. But this isn’t possible on bluz.

You can use a 4.8V power supply and use it to power bluz through VIN and then power your peripheral, that would work.