Using Bluz as a home security device



I’ve thought about using Bluz to power a home security system but i am not sure if the range of Bluz enabled devices would lend itself well for this application. Any Suggestions?




Hi Mike!

It depends on your exact requirements, but it would probably work quite well. You can use the gateway (or gateway shield) to connect multiple bluz boards and sensors. Doing this will give you roughly 60-100 feet of range indoors (depends tremendously on your surroundings and BLE settings). If you need more range, you can use more gateways.

I have been able to reliably connect to bluz boards in my basement from the 2nd floor of my home (so through two stories of my house). Depending on your home, you could try it with one gateway and add more if you needed it. You can “zone” your house up pretty easily as long as you have WiFi coverage there.

Let me know if you need any other info. Thanks