Using bluz without gateway or gateway shield



I am new to this and am coming over to bluz from a successful attempt at playing with a particle. I have my program working how I want on a particle and wanted to use a bluz for it’s low power properties.

I got my bluz tonight and had to go through 2 different android phones to claim it.

What did not work:
Nexus 5x running Oreo 8 (just updated to oreo a couple days ago). I can see my bluz in the bluz app but kept getting an error claiming it.

What did work:
Moto play (original circa 2014) running 5.xx. I was successful getting and claiming my bluz on this set up. I was able to see it in my particle account so I know i got it claimed.

So, how can I use my bluz without a gateway/gateway shield. Can i use my phone and the bluz app as the gateway/bridge? I tried flashing when I knew it was connect to my phone and it failed.

When I try and compile a program on particle IDE it gives me an error about using BLE.setTxPower() and System_sleep(SLEEP_MODE_CPU) . Do I need to use import to get a “bluz” library?

thanks for you help.



When compiling in the cloud make sure you have done the following

  • The phone has connected to the bluz device (using the bluz app) - this allows it to be a gateway
  • The LED on the Bluz DK is flashing blue
  • The correct firmware version is selected online under Devices > System firmware target:


Thanks for the quick reply. I will try that.