Wanna be a beta tester?


We have been getting hardware into the hands of a few early testers, but still have some beta kits and are looking for people to help us out by testing and even contributing. You would get access to the firmware and docs before anyone else, but you will also have to put up with code that is still in development and is possibly buggy and may lack documentation.

Programming would (at least for now) be done locally using make and gcc until the Web IDE support is added sometime next month. So you should be comfortable with all these tools.

You will also need to provide at least the following as they are required but not included:

  • An STLink v2 or JLink programmer to flash code to bluz directly
  • An Android or iOS phone to test the app, or a Particle Core/Photon if you want to test the gateway
  • A UART adapter or port to collect debug logs in case of errors or issues.

As you find issues, you can either report them on github, or fix them and issue a pull request to the repository.

We will charge a small fee for a beta kit to cover our expenses and shipping. Each kit includes a bluz DK, a battery shield, and a JLink shield (we can also provide adapters if you are using an STLink). Some kits can also include the gateway shield if you plan to use it.

Availability is limited, but this is a great way to get your hands on bluz first! If you are interested, please email us at hello@bluz.io


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