What do you want to see?


Have an idea for bluz? Want to see some kind of a demo during Kickstarter? Want us to build something with bluz?

Post your ideas here, we will be taking suggestions for projects to show in future updates.


A wearable shield would be cool. Would the new one from SparkFun work?


We are talking to Sparkfun about possible collaboration. Your bluz board will work with any of their new shields already, but we are going to see if we can possibly figure out a way to provide some of their shields to our KS backers.


Will we be able to read/write custom GATT profiles? I’d like to interface the BLE Nuimo controller to my home automation system by creating a simple BLE<->MQTT bridge. Initially I thought I’d need a Raspberry Pi for this, but I’d rather do it smaller with a Bluz if it can handle that.


That is the first time I saw the nuimo, but it looks pretty simple. It is basically an input device, to read those inputs you need a BLE central device that can read them. To send them to an MQTT server you need an IP back end.

So the Bluz Gateway shield or Gateway would work for this. A RasPi would as well. But yes, you will be able to implement your own GATT profiles to do this if you wanted.


I have stumbled onto a CANBUS OBDII Open Source project which features Blue Tooth support…how difficult would it be to add support for it?

Here’s a link to the project:





Hmmm… that is an interesting project. Looks like they are taking the CAN messages from your vehicle and sending them out over bluetooth to some other device (Android, iOS, etc.). I imagine the hard part would be figuring out the CAN bus, but it looks like there are some solutions to that.

What role would you want bluz to play? Would you want to send the CAN messages to the cloud?


I just sent an e-mail to hello@bluz.io with some further details.


Hi Eric,

I am waiting to hear back from someone about an OBD II BLE dongle. I plan to pick up a Bluz from you, but I’m not sure what I will need to purchase. The project will need an Electron and Bluz, and I’ll need to power it with the vehicles power supply. In addition, I will need an enclosure (something that looks nice and professional).

Do you have any suggestions?




Sounds like you need the gateway shield from us with an Electron on there. That way you can use the current BLE dongles and change the code on the gateway shield to talk to them instead of bluz. You could then relay the information through Electron.

As for the power supply, you would probably be best suited powering the Electron from the cars supply. THe gateway shield will then take the 3V3 from the board. As the Electron has the biggest power requirements, you should probably start there.

For enclosures, you could probably buy some basic plastic boxes off the shelf. Does it need to be weather-proof? That can present some challenges. You may also look into 3D printing something if you want it more customized. That is a good first step towards injection molding down the road if you want to make a lot of them.

Let me know if there is anything else we can help with.