What is the plural of Bluz?


Ok, what the heck is the plural of Bluz? Bluzes ? Bluzs ? just Bluz? I’ve just been using DKs, but that seems lame.


I would go with Bluzz :wink:


Hahaha, this is my new favorite thread :smile:

Technically, I guess it would be DK’s. Bluz is the brand, then there is the DK, gateway shield, battery shield, etc underneath. But I would be the first to admit that DK doesn’t have quite the ring to it as Photon, Uno, Oak, Omega, Neo, or any of the other awesome names out there.

Thoughts on a new name? I am all for it!


Call it the Bluz Z :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Then the plural is Zzzz and it’s snoring. Next version can be the Y.


Ha, I like it! Have a whole new marketing system around that, “Catch some Z’s”.


Maybe “Bluz Quark” as a nice name replacement for Bluz DK. I might have been influenced by the notion of QCD color charge too much and fixated on “quark” though. As a sort of “sister” project related to the “Particle” umbrella something in the standard model of particle physics would seem to be appropriate.


One Bluz. Many Bluz. Bluz as in Fish. Many Bluz as in many Fish.

“Got me a Bluz!”

“Got me some Bluz!”
“You mean, some Bluzez?”
“Dude! There’s no such word as Bluzez! Didn’t your daddy ever take you fishing?”

English is designed to be complicated. Don’t fight it. :stuck_out_tongue:

TRIVIA (condensed and paraphrased)

Did you know that, contrary to what many believe and are even sometimes taught in schools, the apostrophe we use for things like the one in Dad’s --“That’s Dad’s axe!” – is not a special use case, where the apostrophe means, “owned by”!

Actually, it is a placeholder for the letter E. In times of old, I would carry the name, Gruvin and things I owned would be referred to (by some) as things of Gruvines, [pron. groo-vin-ez]. Then at some point, someone with lexical clout decided that Gruvin’s [pron. groo-vins] sounded better and that using an apostrophe in place of the E would make the person’s name more legible anyway.

This is why it is grammatically incorrect to write, “It’s owner is Gruvin”, which expands to, "It is owner is Gruvin" and is clearly nonsensical. The correct scribble for this context is actually, “Its owner is Gruvin”. No apostrophe because there’s no E to stand in for in the first place and there’s no such word as ites [pron. it-ez]. :wink:

Source: My own grey matter.


My head hurts. :upside_down:


Always a fan of adding “i” to make plurals so Bluzi (Bluz-eye). More as a goof but is proper for some things.

Btw some Apple marketing guy took this topic on recently via Twitter and it isn’t iPhones it is iPhone phones or another example is iPhone devices.