What software is running the website http://www.bluz.io/?


Hi @eric,

I need to build a site and wanted to know what software runs http://www.bluz.io/.
I know the docs are done with mkDocs, the community is Discourse, but I’m missing what software keeps everything together and beautiful.
Is it wordPress? is it something else?

Thanks and BLErry Christmas!!! :santa:


The main website is actually just static HTML/CSS hosted on an AWS S3 bucket with a CloudFront front-end. The template for the website is something we pieced together from other examples and modified the parts we wanted to, but it is actually pretty straight forward.

We did have a WordPress blog running at one point, but it became more trouble than it was worth. I am trying to get back to having a blog, but plan to go with more of a build approach where we add files for posts and it compiles to static HTML and deploys to S3. I’m all about serverless and databaseless when possible, and I think WordPress presents too many problems.

Any services we have running, like the API to update devices from console.bluz.io (also a static HTML site, though much heavier on the JavaScript) run on node usually and take advantage of AWS Elastic Beanstalk. However, I am looking to move that to API Gateway/Lambda functions as it makes it serverless.

We are pretty deeply involved with AWS and try to go serverless whenever possible. It is much cheaper usually and much more stable and reliable.

Happy Holidays!


Thanks a lot for the details!