Which SPI flash is supported?


I just noticed the documentation mentions a 2Mbit SPI Flash here and here (going by 256kB*8=2Mb). The DK schematic shows the 1Mbit SST25VF010A.
Was there a change? Can I load the SST25VF020B instead?

I also read that more memory can be added. Would this be only to store my own data? I presume the program is still limited by the 32kB of RAM.



The correct part is SST25VF020B-80-4I-SAE

Now, the 020 portion there denotes the number of bits of storage. So you can use any capacity of flash in this class to store more user data. And yes, it would only be for storage, not for user code.

Just be careful to get the 80MHz version. There is a very similar part that runs at 20MHz that wouldn’t be compatible. The -80- near the end denotes the 80MHz version


Bummer. I bought the 1Mbit chip.
Am I going to run into a limit? Will Tinker run properly to check operation?


You can see the address mapping for the external SPI flash here: https://github.com/bluzDK/bluzDK-firmware/blob/develop/platform/MCU/NRF51/SPARK_Firmware_Driver/inc/hw_layout.h#L97

So, yes, you will be limited in what you can do. The factory reset firmware may not fit, and the OTA flash space wouldn’t be accessible, as well as the space used for EEPROM. It would be better to get the larger version.


OK, no problem. I found the 2Mbit part.
Would you mind updating the schematic PDF on GitHub? Now I see the BOM has the right part, but I followed the schematic.