Windows Phone Support


Question from Kickstarter: Is Windows Phone still going to be supported?

The answer is that we would love to help enable the community to port the apps to WP themselves. We will try and release the source code for the apps with enough time before shipping bluz so there this can be supported day one.

We can track any updates to that schedule and plan on this thread.


It is a bit of a bummer but since the stretchgoal isn’t met this is of course fair.

I’m willing to try porting the app but I have very little experience so I can’t promise anything.

Is it possible to release some beta-code already so I can experiment already? It would make any potential actual release much closer to the Android release then if I would have to start from scratch at the release time of Android.


Yeah, we will try and get that up as soon as we can. I am working right now on splitting out the BLE part as it’s own service so that it can easily be ported into any app. That will cover the main functionality that needs to be ported over, so give me a few weeks and I can try and get that on github. I am hoping to do that same with the hardware files too, so lots to do, but I will try and prioritize this.


Well, we haven’t released the bluz app yet, but we are starting to open source the GoGlove app which has the Particle access built-in.

It is only for Android so far and this is very much still in Beta, but if you want to start looking at the source code for the Particle gateway, you can see how we are doing it. Items are still missing and clearly there are holes, but should give you a good idea of how we will handle the bluz apps.


After quite a pause in developing anything I’m going to give this another shot. Has there been any major changes or is the GoGlove app still the best place to start? I bet that after a year it isn’t anymore :slight_smile:

Also in this topic Direct Bluetooth connection from App(No Particle Cloud) you link to an iOS app where supposedly there is some direct app-to-Bluz communication. I have no clue of how to develop iOS and I’m feeling a bit lazy today so could you maybe tell me where in the code (which file/folder) the direct communication takes place? I’ve also checked your tutorial for local communication but that is only for the gateway? Or is it the same principle?

Sorry for the massive bump but my (admittedly short) search of the forums hasn’t brought up what I’m looking for (which falls in two categories. Bluz <=> Windows Phone <=> cloud with Windows Phone functioning as gateway and Bluz <=> Windows Phone without the cloud involved at all)